What Is an IV Hydration Near Me Party?

Mar 25, 2023 | IV Infusions

Getting IV hydration near me gives you the opportunity to experience the many benefits of IV therapy while you relax in the comfort of your own home. If you want to share this experience with others, consider scheduling a group IV therapy experience – such as a hydration party with NP2GO.


What to Know About Hydration Parties

IV therapy will do so much more than hydrate you Oklahoma. This service will boost your vitamins and nutrients, restore lost electrolytes, and increase your energy – all of which can help you feel healthier and happier. The results of an IV infusion are enjoyable to anyone. When you schedule a mobile IV session for a group, you can share these many benefits with your friends and family.

At NP2GO, we offer a range of group IV hydration near me experiences. If you have a small group, our Premium IV infusions and VIP IV infusions are available for two, three, or four people at a time. If you have a group of five or more, our hydration party may be the perfect service for you. This mobile IV experience will let you all enjoy the many relaxing and rejuvenating results of IV infusions, making it the perfect addition to a girl’s night, a family get-together, and (of course) a bachelorette party!


Choosing an IV Hydration Near Me Infusion for Your Hydration Party

For our hydration parties, we offer our Premium IV infusions as part of the base package. If you prefer, you can upgrade to one of our VIP IV infusions. You can further customize your experience by including a refreshing blend of vitamins and minerals or one of our rejuvenating energy add-ons.

Our Premium IV infusions include:

  • Hangover IV. If you have a hydration party scheduled the day after a fun night out, the vitamins and minerals in this IV can help ease any hangover symptoms.
  • Myers’ Cocktail IV. Known for its many helpful benefits, this rejuvenating IV infusion blend can boost your energy, reduce fatigue, ease sore muscles, and more.
  • Migraine IV. When combined with an increase in your body’s hydration levels, this IV blend can help you recover from unpleasant migraines and headaches.

Some of our VIP IV infusions are:

  • Vitamin C High Dose. This infusion blend will do more than help fight colds; a boost in Vitamin C can generate collagen and protect your skin from UV rays.
  • Immunity Blend. Because it is filled with a refreshing mix of vitamins and minerals, this infusion will support your immune system and hydrate you Oklahoma.
  • Recovery and Performance Infusion. If you have a weekend full of exciting activities planned, this blend may give you a much-needed energy boost afterward.


NP2GO Is Ready to Hydrate You Oklahoma

If you want a relaxing and fun experience to enjoy with friends and family, schedule your hydration party with NP2GO. Our mobile IV services are available in the Oklahoma City Metro. Our experienced team of medical professionals is prepared to help you feel restored and rejuvenated through our Premium IV infusions and VIP IV infusions. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services, infusion blends, or add-ons.