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IV nutrition Tulsa and Oklahoma City is an excellent choice for anyone because infusion therapy can have many benefits. It may bring much-needed hydration, restore vitamins and nutrients, provide a boost in energy, and more. If you are interested in something beyond normal saline with our IV hydration therapy, consider booking an appointment for our Premium IV infusions or VIP IV infusions. These potentially relaxing and refreshing infusions are available for in-home appointments, or you can schedule a visit to our office in Edmond.

Each blend of IV Vitamins Oklahoma is carefully and thoughtfully designed to potentially bring you relief from your symptoms. Our Premium infusions are available as Migraine IVs, Hangover IVs, and Myer’s IVs (which may help with fatigue, exercise recovery, and more). Our VIP infusions include blends called Vitamin C High Dose, Recovery and Performance, Immunity, and Food Poisoning or Viral Illness Recovery. If you are unsure of which infusion or blend type is best for you, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Disclaimer: IV therapy is not FDA approved. 

IV Nutrition Tulsa and Oklahoma City

At NP2GO, our expert team of nurses wants to create the most relaxing and comfortable experience possible. Our Premium IV infusions and VIP IV infusions are conveniently and easily scheduled online. After booking your appointment, a nurse will call or text you to set up a short virtual visit with our nurse practitioner to go over any questions that you may have. From there, your nurse will travel to you so you can enjoy quality IV infusion therapy at home.

If you want to share this experience with your friends or family members, you can by scheduling one of our in-home group packages. We offer options for Premium IV infusions and VIP IV infusions for groups of two, three, or four people. You can also schedule a Premium IV or VIP IV Hydration Party for five or more people. To create your ideal experience, you can customize your one-person or group IV infusions with our vitamin and energy add-ons, which include B12, glutathione, skinny shots, mineral blends, and more.

To enjoy the potential benefits of your favorite IV infusion blends on a regular basis, consider joining one of our memberships or purchasing an IV package. We have membership options available for both VIP IVs and Premium IVs on a 6-month or 1-year basis. When you purchase one of our packages, you have the potential to reenergize yourself with 5 Premium IVs or 5 VIP IVs, both of which come with one free B12 shot. Of course, you can customize your membership or package with our energy and vitamin add-ons to create your perfect experience.

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Whether you are planning a calm me-day or are looking for new, fun experiences to enjoy with your friends, the possibility of relaxing with our Premium IVs or VIP IVs is a perfect addition to any day. With NP2GO, you can experience the many potential benefits of quality IV infusion blends throughout the Oklahoma City Metro. Book your appointment online today.

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