Get IV Fluids For Dehydration If You Notice These Signs

May 17, 2021 | IV Infusions

We all know how important water is for our body as 60 percent of its weight is made up of water. That is why a lot of stress is placed on keeping ourselves sufficiently hydrated as dehydration can lead to loss of strength and stamina. When does dehydration occur? It happens when the amount of water leaving your body is more than the amount of water being consumed. When you’re suffering from serious dehydration, it becomes critical to take IV hydration. But how do you know it is time to take IV hydration? Below are the keys signs that indicate toward urgent IV hydration.

  • Foul Breath – Not a lot of people know this but bad breath is a pretty good sign you need to drink more water. There’s bacteria in our mouth and it is the saliva that actually assists in fighting them off. But when your body fluid goes down, the saliva in your mouth goes down too, which makes it difficult to kill germs that cause bad breath. So, hydrate yourself immediately if you notice sudden onset of bad breath.
  •  Disorientation – When your blood pressure starts to drop, dizziness or confusion can happen. Both these two symptoms are of low blood pressure and require you to get rehydrated immediately. If you haven’t drunk water for some hours and you suddenly feel dizzy, consider this a sign you need to up your water intake quickly.
  • Food Cravings – Water plays an essential role in healthy liver function. When our liver doesn’t get enough water, it alerts our brain to fuel the body. Our brains, although highly efficient most of the time, sometimes get confused and give us a craving for food instead of water. So, we will advise you to drink some water before eating something whenever you suddenly have food cravings. If after drinking water you no longer crave the food, then it is a clear sign that your body was just asking for some fluid.
  • Poor Skin Turgor – Skin elasticity is known as skin turgor. When you are severely dehydrated, you will notice that your skin looks dry and loses its elasticity. You can check this by pinching the skin on your arm and pulling it up. When you let it go, it should spring back into place within a second or two. If it doesn’t and takes some time to resume its shape, most likely the cause is dehydration, which has made your skin lose its elasticity.

We will advise you to never ignore the above-mentioned signs. Even if you experience mild dehydration symptoms, get yourself hydrated immediately. Don’t gulp down a soda or other similar drinks. Just drink water or a drink that has electrolytes. If you need to get rehydrated right away, give NP2GO a call and we’ll provide you with IV fluids for dehydration immediately in the comfort of your home.