Does IV Hydration Near Me Hurt?

Jul 25, 2023 | IV Infusions

Mobile IV therapy is a great way to hydrate you Oklahoma. IV therapy delivers fluids intravenously, directly providing necessary vitamins, nutrients, and hydration into your bloodstream. Even if you are interested in the wonderful benefits of mobile IV therapy, you may be wondering if it hurts.


Is Mobile IV Hydration Oklahoma Painful?

Whether you are afraid of needles or have never had an IV, you may wonder if IV hydration near me is painful. For most, only slight discomfort is expected during insertion and removal. You may feel a slight pinch or sting as the IV is inserted into your hand and arm. Once the line is placed, you should not feel pain, stinging, or burning. Swelling and bruising at the site are normal and typically heal within a few days.


Abnormal Pain

Be mindful of your body throughout the IV therapy session. If you notice the following, immediately notify your nurse or medical professional to remove the IV line.

  • The needle may have hit a nerve if you experience a shocking sensation during insertion.
  • Severe swelling or bruising indicates that the IV may have been inserted incorrectly.
  • Intense pain at or around your IV site during and after infusion may be a sign of infection and should be taken seriously.


How to Reduce Discomfort During IV Therapy

If you are concerned about pain during your mobile IV infusion or have been previously told you are a “hard stick,” here are a few ways that may help reduce your discomfort.


Hydrate You Oklahoma

Even if your appointment is for IV hydration, drinking plenty of water before your appointment is crucial. The added hydration will plump up your veins, making it easier for the nurse to insert your IV.


Use Heat

Heat is another excellent way to prepare for your mobile IV hydration Oklahoma. A hot shower or a heating pad before your appointment can help bring your veins to the surface by dilating the vessels. The warmth may also help you relax if you are nervous.


Ask for Numbing Cream

If you are uneasy about having an IV inserted, ask the nurse or medical professional for topical numbing cream. Numbing cream will temporarily numb the area so you do not feel discomfort. Be sure to ask about using numbing cream before your appointment, as not all mobile IV therapy companies offer it with their services.


Talk with a Nurse

If you are apprehensive about your IV insertion, talk with your nurse during your IV hydration near me appointment. Nurses are trained to take their time to find the correct vein, minimizing the number of sticks needed to insert the IV.


Relax and Hydrate with Mobile IV Therapy

IV therapy should never be painful beyond slight discomfort upon insertion or removal. At NP2GO, our team is trained to find the right vein to try and minimize the number of sticks and bruising. Your care is our top priority, so we take our time to ensure you remain comfortable during your appointment. Click here to schedule an appointment, or contact us with any questions about our services.