6 Benefits of Telemedicine Oklahoma for Providers and Patients

Feb 26, 2023 | Health Care

Telemedicine Oklahoma became more commonplace with the onset of COVID in 2020. However, it does not look like telemedicine is going away anytime soon. Why does telemedicine seem to have such staying power? It is because telemedicine benefits both healthcare providers and their patients. Here are six ways that it is helpful.


1. No Insurance Required

Lack of insurance can be a barrier to receiving medical care. Fortunately, many providers who offer telehealth and mobile urgent care do not require insurance. This can benefit both the providers and patients. The patients are able to receive the care they need while the providers are not limited by insurance companies.


2. Reduced Pathogen Exposure

You are almost guaranteed to be exposed to bacteria and viruses when visiting a healthcare provider’s office. After all, a waiting room is typically filled with sick people and their contagious germs. Not every medical office has a location where you can indulge in IV therapy to hydrate you Oklahoma.


3. Childcare Is Not an Issue

Childcare can complicate medical appointments. Bringing children to an office appointment can also be distracting for both the patient and the provider. A medical office is not exactly a fun place for children. Telemedicine Oklahoma allows them to play at home while their parents get their needed care.


4. Benefits Rural Areas

People who live outside of large cities can struggle to see a medical professional, and they may put off seeing medical providers. Scheduling the time for the long drive and paying for extra gas are barriers that many face. Fortunately, telemedicine is making a difference in the health of people from more rural areas. It is now possible to schedule an appointment that is convenient for everyone involved. Easier access to healthcare will improve the well-being of people.


5. Lessen Anxiety

Many people are uncomfortable around doctors, or they have severe social anxiety. Staying home during an appointment will help alleviate stress. Additionally, talking to a doctor on a screen may make the encounter less intimidating.


6. Lower Cost

A large medical office comes with overhead. While providers who offer telemedicine and mobile urgent care may have clinics, they can operate with less space and fewer exam rooms. Healthcare providers can now make visits more affordable for their patients by reducing the cost of doing business.


Social Benefits

Since telemedicine is beneficial to both patients and providers, it can have a positive impact on society. A community with access to medical care will be healthier. By removing physical and psychological barriers to care, people live better lives. At NP2GO, we believe that healthcare should be available to everyone. It is why we do what we do.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please do not hesitate to reach out. We offer telemedicine, urgent care, weight loss support, and IV treatments that help hydrate you Oklahoma. NP2GO has services available in the Oklahoma City Metro and Kansas. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them for you.