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Since our founding in September 2019, NP2GO has focused on making healthcare more accessible to people in the Oklahoma City Metro. To help even more people throughout Oklahoma, we have expanded our services across the Tulsa Metro.

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Urgent Care Tulsa

If you are not feeling well but do not want to take a trip to the ER, you can schedule a mobile urgent care visit from one of our experienced nurses. Our booking system is easy: you fill out a simple questionnaire, then we evaluate your health history and reach out to schedule a short virtual visit to answer any questions. After that, one of our nurses will travel to you to administer any needed medications or tests.

Our mobile urgent care services are available for patients aged 12 years and above. Please note that our services are not for emergencies. We want to help each client recover from their symptoms and stay healthy in the long term, so if we determine that you may need a trip to the ER, we will advise you to do so.

Our Services

Tulsa IV Therapy

Whether you need a post-exercise hydration boost, vitamins to help you recover from an illness, or relief from a hangover, IV nutrition can help. After you schedule our services online, one of our experienced nurses will travel to you with everything needed for at-home IV Tulsa therapy. In addition to our IV hydration services that include 1000 ml of refreshing normal saline, we offer Premium IV Infusions and VIP IV Infusions that can help you recover from anything from hangovers and migraines to food poisoning and viral illnesses.

Our goal with every Tulsa IV therapy service is to make the experience as comfortable, relaxing, and helpful as possible. To create the ideal IV therapy visit for you, we offer extra bags of fluid and add-on injections such as skinny shots, Glutathione, B12, and our mineral blend. You can also schedule mobile IV services for multiple people at a time, so you and your friends can enjoy the refreshing benefits together.

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Our Services

Virtual Visits

NP2GO provides more than mobile IV services. If you require our urgent care services, but it would not work with your schedule to have someone come to your home, we also offer virtual visits for your urgent care needs. Patients must be two years or older for our online consultations. Please note that if our nurses determine that a virtual visit is not the best option for you or your family member, we will advise you on the next steps you can take to start feeling better.

In addition to our virtual urgent care, we offer virtual weight loss visits to provide support to patients on their health journey. During our visits, we will discuss your lifestyle, weight loss goals, and any biological factors and conditions that affect your health. From there, we will give you our advice and possibly prescribe medications, depending on your body’s needs. Our goal is to provide a judgment-free experience to help you feel more confident and comfortable.

Our Services

Mobile Lab Collection

If your provider has labs ordered, why go out to have them done? Along with our mobile IV Tulsa services, NP2GO can draw your labs from the comfort of your home. One of our well-trained phlebotomists will come to you. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you are as comfortable as possible, even if you are a hard stick.

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If you are interested in our services, please book your appointment online today. To learn more about our mobile urgent care, IV hydration and vitamins, or our other services, get in touch with NP2GO.