Mobile IV Hydration Oklahoma

Whether you just finished a workout, spent too much time outside, or are dealing with an illness, it is very easy to become dehydrated. Some symptoms like light headaches, dizziness, and sleepiness are due to simply not drinking enough water, which is why they can often be solved by upping your fluid intake. However, if you become too dehydrated, your symptoms will worsen, and your body may struggle to carry out its normal functions. If you are not able to replenish your body’s hydration by consuming fluids, mobile IV hydration Oklahoma may help alleviate symptoms.

IV hydration therapy may deliver much-needed fluids directly into your bloodstream, so you may feel the results much faster than you could by consuming fluids. IV fluids can quickly circulate throughout your body and may replenish what your body lost. You may feel healthier, happier, and more energized as a result. In addition to providing much-needed hydration when you are sick, tired due to exercise, or overheated, IV therapy may help you recover from migraines and hangovers.

Disclaimer: IV therapy is not FDA approved. 

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IV Hydration Near Me

While patients used to have to visit the Emergency Room to benefit from hydration therapy, with mobile treatments from NP2GO, we can hydrate you Oklahoma from the comfort of your own home. Our appointments are simple to book and designed to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible. After you schedule your IV hydration treatment, a nurse will reach out to you to confirm everything, schedule a short call with a nurse practitioner, and answer any questions that you may have.

Once arriving at your home, your nurse will prepare the area for your IV treatment so you can replenish your body’s fluids with 1000 ml of normal saline. For additional hydration, the nurse can bring an extra bag of fluid by request. Before giving you the IV, the nurse will answer any questions, check your vitals, and listen to your heart and lungs to ensure that everything in your body sounds normal.

Our team of experienced nurses focuses on making IV therapy as calm and relaxing as possible. After you are ready for the treatment and you are given the IV, you will be able to sit back and relax. For any of our in-home visits, including IV hydration, we offer add-on injections that can help you feel even more refreshed. Our add-on injections include B12, Lipo-C “Skinny Shots,” Glutathione, our mineral blend, and more.

While IV hydration therapy can help restore fluids, keep in mind that our services are not for emergencies. If the practitioner determines that your condition warrants a trip to the ER during our initial call or after arriving at your home, we will advise you to do so.

NP2GO Will Hydrate You Oklahoma

If you are looking for IV hydration near me, NP2GO can help. We offer our in-home IV hydration therapy treatments in the Oklahoma City Metro and Tulsa Metro. We also offer IV hydration therapy at our office in Edmond by appointment only. If you wonder if IV hydration is best for you or if you have questions about our additional services, please contact us.

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